Sill Optics Website

Sill Optics Enterprise specialises in manufacturing high quality optical devices. Tech-Net created a website that required a functional browser for searching and comparing products. The page was implemented in 2015.

Website for Milchland Bayern

In 2015 TECH-NET implemented a website that enhances positive image of milk and cheese from Bavaria. You can browse for recipes as well as download cooking lessons.

Conference website for Siemens

An example of conference website for major technology company.

In 2014 and 2015 and 2016 TECH-NET prepared a website for Siemens. The company required a page for holding corporate conferences.

Huge technology companies hold a lot of conferences. People from all over the world attend such meetings. That’s why Siemens needed an internal website for all conferences attendees.

Renewable energy sources website

One of the business sectors that Tech-Net designed a website for, is renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources is a widely discussed topic nowadays. We wanted to create a page that would stand out and differ among others in this sector. The website was prepared in 2012.

E-commerce website for MIO

E-Commerce website has to have something that attracts huge number of customers. We did just the thing.

In 2011 we created a website that is the main source of information for MIO brand. Customers can purchase MIO car navigation, video recorders and other useful accesories. Tech-Net still supports the page.

Video Testy - reviews website

A website that reviews mobile technology devices.

Our goal was to create a website that would fulfil requirements of huge websites. In 2009 we faced the challenge and delivered.

Tourist website and booking Aero needed a simple yet functional website.

Few years ago, in 2004 the page was really complex with car rental, flight and hotel booking options. Some time ago the page was remodelled to focus its visitors on browsing flights. Thus a very simple and clear website came to life.