Stages of web designing

It takes a lot of effort and creativity to develop a website. You can count on our full professionalism on every stage of designing your page. before we get on with the project, we would like to get to know your expectations.

We guarrantee appropriate approach to every stage of development. Only appropriate approach can bring desirable results. Make yourself familiar with every stage of the creation.

1. Requirements

It is very crucial to consult what the customer needs. Here we get to know what you need the website for as well as how it will relate to your marketing strategy.

Stages of web designing

2. Planning

Knowing your requirements we get on with planning stage. Here we focus on sitemap, we discuss its functionallity, we outline navigation system.

3. Designing

After making necessary arrangements we start working on the project. We keep in mind the subpages and functional elements.

4. Creating

Basing on accepted projects we create your website with all specified elements. We use programming languages such as: PHP, JAVA, C#, ASP .Net, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FIREBIRD, MSSQL, XML, XSL Smarty, X/HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
We also use the following frameworks: ZEND, TYPO3, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, jQuery/UI, Kendo UI, Ext JS.
All our projects are developed in RWD system (Responsive Web Design), which means that the website is accessible on all devices (TVs, Computers, Tablets, Phones)

5. Implementation

While implementing the page, we check and test its particular elements, place it on the server and assign the domain.